GiNaCRA  0.6.4
GiNaCRA - GiNaC Real Algebra package

Welcome to the GiNaC Real Algebra project! In the following we will give some short abstracts on what to expect from this package. These abstracts are excerpts from published papers on GiNaCRA.

Introduction at NFM in 2011

GiNaCRA provides efficient and easy-to-integrate data structures and methods for real algebra. It is based on the C++ library GiNaC, supporting the symbolic representation and manipulation of polynomials. In contrast to other similar tools, our open source library aids exact, real algebraic computations based on an appropriate data type representing real zeros of polynomials. The only non-standard library GiNaCRA depends on is GiNaC, which makes the installation and usage of our library simple. Our longterm goal is to integrate decision procedures for real algebra within the Satisfiability-Modulo-Theories (SMT) context and thereby provide tool support for many applied formal methods.

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