GiNaC Real Algebra package

What is GiNaCRA?

GiNaCRA is a C++ library providing data structures and algorithms for real algebraic computations. GiNaCRA is based on the efficient C++ library GiNaC including support for symbolic manipulations on polynomials.


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How to install GiNaCRA?

GiNaCRA has been tested under Xubuntu since 11.04, Gentoo, and ArchLinux.

Install the required packages: CMake, CLN, and GiNaC.

We recommend to build the project in a separate build directory. The following installation instructions are based on this recommendation.

Thanks to Joachim Redies, we also provide installation instructions for MacOS X.

The console application ginacraconsole can be built by:

make ginacraconsole

Optionally, the Readline library can be installed to support command auto-completion and history in ginacraconsole.

In order to compile and run our test suite, type:

make check

How to use GiNaCRA?

There are several examples located in the folder examples/. These can be compiled using

make examples

or by specific make targets. The API documentation can be generated by executing

make doc

if doxygen is installed on your system. The documentation can be viewed here as well. An overview of all make targets can be obtained by this:

make help

We listed further information in the README file.

Contact: Ulrich Loup

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